Goal updates!

I haven’t been awesome at getting back to blogging. But I’m here, writing this, so that’s a start!

For starters, my sleeping habits still suck. Failing there. However, we have made it to playfit twice (going again tomorrow!) and we met up with friends at Funtown yesterday!! :)

I’m also very excited to have a hair appointment for next week, and a nail/brow appointment for the week after that. I think I will feel better about myself when I look like I actually take care of myself! I should really make an appointment with the massage therapist as well; I had a bout of vertigo a few weeks ago and my neck has been tight ever since. I’ve also been having sinus pain, so I wonder if she could hit some pressure points or something and help me out!

On the wardrobe front, I purged my dresser a few weeks ago! Some things got thrown out (the un-donate-able stuff) and the rest got donated. Saturday morning I am going to tackle the closet, which is way worse than the dressers. It’s going to be hard, stressful, upsetting.. but I can do it. On the positive, I have shopping plans for a few weeks from now, and will hopefully be buying a new blazer, and a shell for underneath. I am leaning towards charcoal and navy for the blazer, but will also consider basic black. I’m also going to look for new, dark blue jeans with no feathering/embellishment, and new “work-appropriate” boots (booties?) for spring. I’m pretty sure my shiny lavender Hunter boots aren’t really appropriate. :)

For my financial goals, I finally got my son’s RESP going again. $250 on every 25th of the month. I feel very happy that it’s set up again. I also called the insurance broker, but he could not get me a lower rate than we already have.. too bad, but that makes me feel glad we haven’t been overpaying this whole time!

I haven’t gotten into a routine with my vitamins, unfortunately. I also haven’t smudged the house yet! I should try to do it on the 1st of every month, I think.

I also did something totally unexpected for me – I did some research and bought a bottle of red wine. I don’t drink wine! I decided that I’d like to maybe have a glass once a week, as a way to chill out and get some of the health benefits! It wasn’t too bad either, so I’ll have another glass tomorrow night. It might become a Friday night thing. :)

2016 Goals: Choosing To Be Happy

So… hi 2016!

Here goes with one of my 2016 goals: get back to blogging. I miss writing, expressing. I miss this – when all we had was livejournal, or homebrew php/sql blogging software. Let’s do this again.

My biggest goal is kind of all-encompassing, and it is to live healthier; to get myself into some kind of routine (says the girl up at 12:30am blogging..). A routine wherein I actually am up early enough to shower before starting work, instead of staying in my pajamas all day. One where I am logged into work at – or before! – 9:00am, instead of 10, or 11. One where I have the time, and energy, to take my son to the park/playfit/for a walk in the morning, instead of letting it get to the point of him running around the house like a terror because he has too much energy! One where I take the time away from work to get us both lunch, instead of him eating lunch at the table while I furiously type away beside him. A routine where I am logged out of work by 5:30pm at the very, very latest, so that I can make dinner at a decent time, instead of eating at 7pm (or even worse, getting takeout…) And, go to bed early.

Part of the living healthier goal is also mental. I haven’t felt very happy in 2015, so I am glad it is over. I need to feel better about myself, which for me means “looking better.” So that means getting my hair done, even though my hairdresser is going to be annoyed with me when  I show up with these roots! I feel like a “Mom”, which means I feel like I have given up on me… and to be honest, I kinda have. It must sound crazy that I have to set a goal of going to get my hair, nails and brows done, but honestly, if I don’t set that goal, I won’t go.

Part of looking better means I need to deal with my sad sack of a closet. This is totally a sore spot, because my closet is full of clothes I wore when I was thinner. I need to stop myself from saying “I need those clothes for when I lose weight” because let’s face it, it doesn’t matter if I lose weight or not, I need to buy new clothes now because so much of what I own is outdated! So – first step is to PURGE my closet. Second step is to plan my new wardrobe, and this is going to be more difficult. Some sub-goals: acquire two work-friendly outfits that can be paired with blazers. Decide on a colour palette, and remove items that do not work in that palette. Stop wearing athletic leggings (lululemon, under armour) for occasions other than dance/yoga/running/walking/eating. Only wear sweatpants out of the house in DIRE SITUATIONS. Acquire more leggings/skinny pants like my uniqlo ones that are actually work friendly. Buy new Sorel winter boots in the summer, save up for a pair of Frye boots (booties? tall boots?) for next fall, buy a new fall jacket. Don’t buy anything that doesn’t make me say “fuck yes.” Don’t hold onto an item just because “so and so gave this to me and I feel like a horrible person for getting rid of it.”

It’s also time to re-vamp my makeup. I am staying away from any new MAC in the future because they test on poor animals :( I really just want to go spend a morning in Sephora by myself! I also need to go get new glasses. Why am I procrastinating?!

Smaller, but relevant goals: Even though I feel so awkward and sheepish, I should really try to make plans with people I like. How is it that practically half of the staff at the studio have kids, and we have never really had a playdate? I should plan one. I should also take the kiddo to OEYC drop-ins again, because not only is it really good for him to learn from other kids, it’s really good for me to get dressed, get out of the house, and try to make friends.. or at least talk to other people. Who knows, maybe I could make a friend in this city that I’ve lived in for 2.5 years..

Try to take the dogs to the dog park every weekend, once the weather is nice in the summer.

Financial goals: pay off any remaining debt, pay the money I owe the government (thanks to them overpaying me child benefits… ugh), go see my insurance broker about lowering those costs, and get my son’s RESP contributions going again. I should also talk to BIL about anything else I can do to pay less income tax in May.

House goals: Finish the main floor (for now.) This means finishing the lower bathroom, the pantry area, the hallway, and the nook. This also means giving the kitchen a fresh coat of white paint for now… until we have the money to tear that mess down. For now, it works, and the white will make it look clean-ish (and I need to get rid of that bad-karma-apartment-greige.) This summer, I want to finish the deck, and work on leveling the backyard. I also want to replace the lights/numbers on the front of the house, and get a power outlet put on the side of the house.

Other random reminders for myself: Take your vitamins. Get some fish oil, you should be taking that too. Stop drinking so much coffee, it only makes you jittery and then you feel panic-attacky, it’s no good. Stop skipping meals. Smudge the house once a month.

You’re 35 now, this better be the year you fix everything.

Stop wasting your time worrying about what other people might be thinking, and start spending your time trying to make everyone smile.

When in doubt, tap dance.