Hi! I’m Elle.

Seashell cosmos in my garden, July 2021

I’ve always wanted to create a blog about my gastronomy. However, thanks to my busy lifestyle, I can go months at a time without really creating anything new or interesting. There are definitely days when part of our family dinner comes from a jar or a box in the freezer.

A huge part of my inspiration is from my family. Many of my recipes come from my grandmother’s old, handwritten cookbook. Sometimes, I modify them slightly. Many times, I keep them exactly as they are because that way “they taste like Grandma’s!”

I decided that this blog will not only be about my baking and cooking but also about my garden. Some parts of my garden go hand in hand with my cooking. Many others do not! Let’s just say, I love flowers! I love to make and grow pretty things.

Facts about me:

  • I have two wonderful kiddos under the age of ten.
  • I work a full-time job that has no connection to the kitchen – at all!
  • I’m also a dance teacher – I’ve taught since I was 16.